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From the Author FREE!! Kindle version, through Kindle Matchbook program, when you buy the print version?from Amazon? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??Protect your assets by avoiding probate costs with this easy to use guide. This book provides an array of living trusts for most situations. Turn to this work for: fill-in-the-blank living trust forms,basic information on creating a living trust yourself,comprehensive Glossary of common legal terms,links to state specific information,and moreThe Legal Self-Help Guide series provides information to those who want to understand their legal rights and responsibilities in an effort to resolve legal problems or know enough to feel confident in their decision to retain legal counsel. This Guide provides plain-English explanations as an alternative to the legal jargon that fills legal books.Express Your Rights.At Peerless Legal we believe the law is only useful when people have the tools they need to understand their rights. Join us on our quest to make the law usable and accessible to anyone. Peerless Legal was founded with quality in mind. All of our products are created by a licensed attorney who believes in our mission to empower individuals by giving them the legal self-help tools to access legal information, make decisions, and engage the system. You can take part by turning information into actions.Learn more and get updates at Read more From the Back Cover One of the fastest ways to transfer property after your death is through a living trust because trusts are not required to go through probate court. In addition to saving time and avoiding probate costs, a trust lets you control who will receive property after you die.?8 Living Trust Forms?helps you create your own living trust forms to meet your needs.You'll discover how to:avoid probate,distribute property quickly,keep property distributions private,provide an alternative to creating a will,ensure your possessions will be distributed as you wish,reduce the potential family conflicts,and much more.For many people, a will is their first choice for passing on property to their loved ones, but it's not the only document that should be considered. Both a will and living trust contain your inheritance instructions, meaning they state who gets what property, when they will get it, and how they will get it. To create a living trust, a lawyer is not required or necessary, especially for simple living trusts. All you really need is a little bit of intelligence and the right information. A living trust can be an important part--and in some cases, the most important part--of your estate. A living trust can help ensure that your assets are managed according to your wishes, even if you become unable to manage the trusts yourself. Read more See all Editorial Reviews