Book Description

About the Author Marc Quaghebeur is a member of the Brussels bar specialising in international tax and corporate structuring, in particular relating to holding structures, investment funds and real estate taxation. He is particularly known for coordinating overseas structures, such as trusts, and cross border estate planning. De Broeck Van Laere & Partners is a Belgian law firm specializing in domestic and international tax and corporate matters, combining a focus on Belgian tax law with the experience to advise on complex international transactions and situations. Marc is the author of European Cross Border Estate Planning (Belgium) (publ. Sweet and Maxwell) and the International Guide to the Taxation of Trusts (Belgium) (publ. International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation). He is the Belgian Contributor to Tax Notes International. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of Tijdschrift voor Fiscaal Recht and the EC Tax Journal and has published on a wide range of tax matters relating to legal issues and trends in Belgium and across Europe. Marc is a member of the Legal & Tax Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium, and he chairs the Tax, Legal and Finance Task Force of the British Chamber of Commerce. Read more