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From Booklist For sheer excitement, Anthony's latest thriller is top-notch. When Louise de Bernard is visited by the wife of an old enemy, she is assaulted with dreadful memories of living in German-occupied France during World War II. The enemy, German soldier Heinz Minden, was billeted with Louise and her husband, Jean, during the war. Although Jean chose to collaborate with the Germans and formed an uneasy friendship with Minden, Louise despised the officer and detested her husband's weakness. Then handsome Roger Savage, an American spy posing as Louise's cousin, arrived, intent on destroying the supply of lethal nerve gas being manufactured by the Germans in the nearby village. His operation succeeds, but in the process, he murders a high-ranking German general. The Germans punish the entire village for Savage's attack, and the form of retribution they choose is particularly merciless and horrifying. Louise, torn between loyalty to her husband and her growing love for Savage, uses the only weapon she can think of to stop the Germans from destroying her home, her family, and her village. The suspense is palpable, the action nerve-tingling, and the story gripping and original. Despite a sentimental conclusion, this is a white-knuckled, hair-raising page-turner of a thriller. Emily MeltonCopyright ? American Library Association. All rights reserved Read more About the Author Evelyn Anthony began her writing career after meeting her husband in 1949. Primarily self-taught, she was educated at home during the War--first writing short stories for magazines. She went on to achieve success with her historical romances and espionage and thriller stories. Her novels have been selected for the American Literary Guild and The Tamarind Seed was made into a film starring Omar Sharif and Julie Andrews. Read more