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Review 'It's hard to find a novel so candid in its portrayals; so hard-hitting in its examples, and so realistic. The dialogues parents and children share over poverty, loss, racial prejudice and observation, are shining examples of what transpires in many an American home to explain the incongruities of not only racial interactions, but the effects of poverty.Crime and punishment, truth and lies, divided communities and divided lives: it's all here, bound together by friendship, loss, and a boy's experiences which lead him to form a bigger goal in life.'?- Around the World in Books'In?Upper West Side Story, a first novel by philosophy professor and former attorney?Susan Pashman, two families in Manhattan are pitted against each other after a tragic accident (possibly a crime) goes from the personal to the political.' - Bay State Readers Advisory?'Susan Pashman's book does what Sue Miller's 'The Good Mother' did for an earlier era. It exposes the tensions beneath polite, contented liberal society and how they can explode when something goes wrong. Well observed and heartbreaking.'Hanna Rosin, Contributing Editor,?The Atlantic; Double X Founding Editor,?Slate; Author of?The End of Men: And the Beginning Of Women.'What if?The Bonfire of the Vanities?was set in the present time and told from a woman's perspective? Upper West Side Story gives you an irresistible answer.'Lara Vapnyar is the author of?Memoirs of a Muse; There Are Jews In My House;and?The Scent of Pine.'Susan Pashman handles a tough and vital subject with unusual daring and sensitivity.??Upper West Side Story?is a gripping novel.'Hilma Wolitzer, best-selling author of?An Available Man, Hearts,?and?The Doctor's Daughter. Read more About the Author Susan Pashman is The author of 'The Speed of Light.' Read more