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About the Author Chuck Ehrlich has been doing lymphedema research and medical writing since 2005. Emily Iker, MD is a cancer survivor with lymphedema and specialist in lymphedema and lipedema treatment ( Karen Louise Herbst, PhD, MD treats people with lymphatic issues including lymphedema and lipedema at the University of Arizona ( Linda-Anne Kahn, CMT, CLT-LANA has lipedema and provides lymphedema and lipedema therapy at Beauty Kliniek Wellness Center ( Dorothy D. Sears, PhD researches diet and behavior patterns for reducing disease risk at UCSD School of Medicine. Mandy Kenyon, MS, RD, CSSD is a consulting dietitian and research leader for Salk Institute and Veteran?s Medical Research Foundation. Elizabeth McMahon, PhD is a clinical psychologist ( and author of Overcoming the Emotional Challenges of Lymphedema. Read more