Book Description

What Is Serdentity? Serenity (n): a state of being that is calm, peaceful or tranquil Dentistry (n): the art and science of oral health care Serdentity(n): a tranquil state of mind and spirit in a dental provider (v): Practicing dentistry that encourages a calm, tranquil state Serdentity comes from my experience with changing me to improve my relationships and environment. I am not going to sell a product or give instructions for office protocol, hiring or firing staff, marketing tools or production management. There is plenty of information about those things available. I want to address something much deeper. Something that when it is right will make everything else falls into place. So much of our profession has shifted to convincing the patient to change the outside. I would like to plant a seed of change on the inside, where it can grow over time and produce far reaching effects. I want to help you refocus your attention on what you can change: Yourself and your attitudes and perspective.