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About the Author Adam Zilko and Jacob Puhl are friends, ambitious business leaders and co-owners of Firegang Dental Marketing. Since the two first met Jake and Adam have strived to remain at the forefront of the digital marketing industry. Despite the fact that Jake runs his office in Seattle, Washington and Adam does the same in Spokane, the two have combined their efforts to form and grow one of the most competitive digital marketing organizations of our day. The two can usually be found studying some aspect of the industry, networking with others in exciting new fields and assisting dental professionals with their ever-growing desire to dominate their local online marketplaces. The two regularly perform at public speaking engagements, are keen on traveling and meeting with top dignitaries in their field and their primary interest is in helping all dental professionals reach their practice goals. About Firegang Digital Marketing Firegang has existed in one form or another since the early 2000?s. A digital marketing company with offices in Seattle and Spokane, Washington, the company provides small to medium sized businesses with the edge they need to get ahead online. From web design to content creation to paid online advertising campaigns to regular reports to showcase all results, Firegang provides personalized service that is tailored specifically for the company in question; and the results speak for themselves. The company began by helping SMBs in all industries, but for the last few years, and after a string of successful campaigns for dental professionals all across the US, Firegang has been focused on learning the intricacies of Digital Dental Marketing. The company regularly publishes Digital Dental Magazine, an online resource for dentists, dental staff, marketers and consultants; which provides tips, tricks and inside secrets to getting dental practices found online. To learn more about Firegang, to send a message to the authors or to receive a free analysis and quote on any future or existing digital marketing campaigns, email Read more