Book Description

About the Author Juan P. Acosta is a certified hypnosis practitioner and an advocate for good oral health. While managing a dental clinic, Juan realized his skills in the language of ethical influence could benefit many areas of the dental office. In addition to patient comfort, which was his original intent in starting this endeavor, he found patients and practices themselves had their own set of problems and that hypnosis could help them both! Patients be happy and practices grow. Since then he has dedicated his time to train dental and hypnosis professionals everywhere on how to bring Hypnodontics to their practice, relieving fear of the dentist and other behaviors that keep people from achieving optimal oral health and practices from thriving. He has occupied a variety of positions in different dental practices. As a VIP patient coordinator he has also been responsible for preparing several thousand patients for hundreds of procedures, and for their happiness throughout the entire process, from initial phone call to video testimonial. Juan now works directly with select practices and lectures at conferences and organizations worldwide, where his classes provide continuing education credits for both hypnosis and dental professionals. Learn more at Read more