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Review ?This book addresses the issue of psychological problems that are often comorbid in patients with serious heart diseases. It is a compilation of 17 chapters written by various authors: psychiatrists, behavioural scientists, cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and nurses. ? As a resource material for future research, the book is a valuable resource for researchers interested in the subject.? (R. P. Sapru, Indian Journal of Medical Research, Vol. 138, August, 2013)?. . . gathers the latest clinical research on what works . . . .? ??. . . absolutely essential reading for any clinician working with [cardiac patients] in any setting.?New England Psychologist, June 2014 Read more From the Back Cover Ellen A. Dornelas EditorStress Proof the HeartBehavioral Interventions for Cardiac Patients?That cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in America is widely known. Gaining in understanding is the role of the type D personality?characterized by chronic anxiety, depression, and negative emotions?as a risk factor in recurring cardiac problems and early death. Yet while behavior-based treatment references are available to clinicians in other specialties, few exist for cardiologists.?Stress Proof the Heart presents a general picture of behavioral cardiology while focusing in depth on critical specifics. Leading experts in the field explore the psychological aspects of living with arrhythmia, intracardiac device, heart failure, and heart transplant, relating them to psychological characteristics such as pessimism and the feeling of overcommitment. Mainstream treatments, such as stress management and smoking cessation, and emerging interventions, such as computer-based therapies and personality-based techniques, are discussed at length for a well-rounded look at what works and what is promising. Among the topics covered:?? Psychological challenges of living with coronary artery disease.? Psychological treatment of patients with heart failure.? Interventions in the context of the type D personality.? Managing sleep problems in cardiac patients.? Exercise as medicine for cardiac patients.? Integrative treatment models for behavioral cardiology.?Filling a growing need in the literature, Stress Proof the Heart is a unique source of practical ideas and clinical examples for health and clinical psychologists, nurses, and allied professionals providing behavioral care to cardiac patients. Read more See all Editorial Reviews