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From Library Journal This 1969 Lew Archer outing finds the PI investigating a burglary of a house belonging to a wealthy family. As Archer does his job, however, it seems that the robbery is the least of these people's troubles. Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more Review 'The American private eye, immortalized by Hammett, refined by Chandler, brought to its zenith by Macdonald.' --The New York Times Book Review'Another of Mr. Macdonald's somber celebrations of the evil that lurks in men's souls. . .as elaborately designed as the plot of any three-volume Victorian novel.' --The Christian Science Monitor'It was not just that Ross Macdonald taught us how to write; he did something more, he taught us how to read, and how to think about life, and maybe, in some small, but mattering way, how to live . . . . I owe him.' -Robert B. Parker Read more See all Editorial Reviews