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Review ?Moody does a good job creating sympathetic characters? (Publishers Weekly)'Readers may very well have a hard time settling on what to read next because, I promise, they will not want to settle for less.' ('Beautifully written and suspenseful, Quick and the Dead is one of those rare mystery novels that enraptures it?s audience.' (R Ezrin, reviewer)?Aficionados of British crime fiction can?t get enough, and this fresh mystery will satisfy their cravings? (Library Journal Starred Review)?With a plucky, smart heroine; taut suspense; and an inventive plot, this first in a series will please a wide range of mystery buffs? (Booklist)'This is my first experience reading Moody and if this is a testament to her abilities, it will not be my last.' (Matt P, reviewer)'If you want a twisted tale that will keep you guessing until the end, pick up this fantastic mystery, you won?t be disappointed.' (R Smith, librarian)'This is an intriguing mystery peopled by interesting, intelligent people. Alexandra Quick is a former police officer who left the police force after a divorce and miscarriage. She now, with her partner Helena Drummond, curates art books, putting together famous pictures with stories about them. The two women have an important meeting with a prospective new publisher but Helena does not show up. When Alex goes to her home to find out why she did not show, she finds a murdered and mutilated woman who is not Helena. But Helena is nowhere to be found. The police believe Helena to be the murderer, but Alex is convinced she could not possibly have done such a horrible deed and because of her police background she determines to investigate the crime herself. I was hooked on this book from the first page and you will be too!' (N Rose, bookseller) Read more Book Description Introducing outspoken female sleuth Alex Quick in the first of a brand-new mystery series Read more See all Editorial Reviews