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Review 4 of 5 starsI almost gave this book 5 stars and would have given it 4.5 stars if it were an option. This story allows one to imagine oneself flitting around Europe hobnobbing with the rich and then returning to Tulsa, Oklahoma and driving the dusty back roads of small-town USA. The story involves Saudi oil-rich sheiks, native Cherokees, Chechen mercenaries, and hometown American characters?. . . I enjoyed reading this exciting story and was fully involved in the build-up to the final conclusion.---John Buissink on GoodreadsKIRKUS REVIEW Starks (13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy, 2006) offers a thriller set in oil country.Energy company executive Lynn Dayton returns in this sequel. Dayton's company, TriCoast, has a refinery to sell, and there are several interested buyers, including local Cherokee Nation investors and a Saudi prince, as well as Asian and British contingents. The death of a refinery employee at first seems like a fluke, but when the medical examiner rules the cause of death as poison, tensions begin to rise. Dayton's ex-husband's firm is working with the Cherokee Nation group, and when he's poisoned too, many suspect that Dayton is behind it. She, in turn, grows alarmed that someone close to her may be a dangerous criminal. She soon finds herself pushed to the limit, as she also has a sick father and a wedding to plan while she tries to close the TriCoast deal without losing her life. The novel takes place in several locations, including Texas, Oklahoma and parts of Europe, and is mainly narrated in the third person, except for a few first-person passages by a mysterious figure whose identity is slowly revealed over the course of the novel. The dialogue is quick and punchy; however, there are a few unnatural moments, such as when Dayton tells her boss, 'It's true that the Tulsa refinery has become more profitable with all the oil being produced in Canada and the US'--information that TriCoast's CEO would already know. There's also some repetition; for example, how Dayton's fiance lost his first wife is explained more than once. There a few references to the previous Lynn Dayton thriller, but this book reads fine as a stand-alone. Starks handles the pacing and suspense masterfully, and although Dayton's final heroic act may strain credulity, it still makes for a thrilling conclusion.An often gripping novel with a determined heroine, a high body count and a mysterious villain.4 Stars. Wow! This was a wild ride. Many things I did not know about the oil industry and Native Americans in this book, I found very interesting for sure. It took me awhile to read this one, I had to back track a few times to catch up with the ever-changing story/plot which was very suspenceful and intriguing. I enjoyed reading Strike Price- very good book.????????? Jeff--Goodreads5 Stars: Impressive thriller with a very interesting mix of characters. Plot seems plausible and realistic. Highly recommended.? --Michaela, Goodreads5 Stars. riveting until the end.??????--Stephen Boiko on Goodreads Read more From the Author Much of STRIKE PRICE is set in Oklahoma, a state with a rich history and depth of culture that encompasses the forced relocation of several Native American tribes, the discovery of oil, the Dust Bowl, and the Murrah bombing.The oil market is a global one. Conflicts, whether fictional or real, are always high-stakes. Readers will experience scenes set in Washington, London, Paris, and Florence, as well as understand the current vast changes in the US oil industry. Read more See all Editorial Reviews