Book Description

A family ghost. A lost treasure. A vengeful enemy from the past. A would-be Jack the Ripper. The Circle of Five takes off on another wild, wacky adventure! London bridge is falling down, falling down, my fair lady…when the fair ladies of Plymouth, Massachusetts, meet at Burial Hill to raise the ghost of Heather’s sea captain ancestor, they don’t expect to be sent flying across the Atlantic in search of a mysterious family treasure! Clever, clairvoyant Cass; intrepid Heather , champion of all animals in need; wickedly witty Phillipa; feisty young mom Deidre; and wise woman Fiona—they’re five ordinary women, everyday Wiccans, who get together to sip tea, trade stories, and work the odd spell. With the exciting prospect of an impromptu holiday, they’re really looking forward to a few merry days in England, shopping, sight-seeing, and taking in the Winter Solstice at Stonehenge. Yet somehow, they soon find themselves embroiled in another harrowing adventure, facing evil-doers both at home and abroad. Armed with their high spirits, good old-fashioned common sense, and a few quirky paranormal talents, they’re always ready to combat evil wherever they find it. But this time they’ll have their hands full dealing with a talented young psychopath bent on revenge, a ghost-guarded Aztec artifact, and an obsessed furniture importer out to restore the family honor—challenges that will call upon all their powers and test the magic of friendship as never before. Get set for another walk on the wild side with the five fabulous witches-next-door! 10th in The Cass Shipton Adventures