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From the Author From the Nov edition of The Big Thrill comes this interview by Don Helin.In FIREFALL, J. H. Bogr?n unleashes a plot so exciting that Joe Moore, international bestselling co-author of THE BLADE and THE PHOENIX APOSTLES says, 'From the power plays of an international band of car thieves to the behind-the-scenes of insurance fraud cases, all topped with a riveting and suspenseful climax, FIREFALL is an action-packed thriller. The small-dosed chapters, amidst exotic locations, won't let you put the book down until you reach the end of this hell of a ride!'After losing his wife and son in an air crash, former NYC firefighter Sebastian Martin is spiraling downward into alcoholic oblivion. Then his brother sets him up with a last-chance job investigating insurance fraud, but his first case takes a deadly turn as he crosses paths with an international ring of car thieves.? Sebastian ends up strapped to a chair facing torture at the hands of a former KGB trainee who enjoys playing with fire on his victims to get answers.I had a chance to catch up with Jose and ask him a few questions.Is there anything special you'd like to tell us about FIREFALL?Although FIREFALL is not my first novel, it is in fact the first one where I use my home country as a setting. For a long time, the working title of the book was Highland Creek which is an actual place in Tela, Honduras. It is also the place where the events of the climax occur.Did any particular event inspire the plot?Not a particular event, no. Truth be told, this is one of those rare cases where you think of a character first, then you file it away waiting to come up with a suitable story for him or her. I envisioned a former firefighter globe trotting and investigating frauds named Sebastian Martin. Right then and there I realized he had to be single, so I began by disposing of his wife and son in a plane crash. That scene was the very first I wrote.What are you doing to promote your book?Oh, the fearsome ghost of promotion. Since I live outside of the U.S., we'll rely more on virtual promotion. First of all, I'm doing a blog tour and some strategically placed ads. Additionally, we're coordinating some giveaways with THE BIG THRILL, Goodreads et al. and for a few days in mid-September some short stories of mine will be free at Amazon.For more details, please visit my website. jhbogran.comWhat's next?I'm currently working on a standalone novel, my first attempt dealing with a serial killer. As for a sequel to FIREFALL, by the end of the book, Sebastian Martin is all set to continue his work with the insurance company, so I'm bouncing some ideas around before I settle.When you're not writing, what are you doing (hobbies, family, etc.)?I have a full time job running orders for a big clothing mall-based store. It is a demanding job, but I like it. Actual writing is relegated to nights and weekends, although I always have pen and notebook or a recorder at hand because more than one idea has popped in during non-writing hours and I'd hate to lose them. I'm a big fan of movies; love going to a theater, there's not a better place for enjoying a film. Music and books compliment my hobbies. Read more