Book Description

Review 'More than just Lycanthropes vs. Wolves of Wall Street, the novel is an ambitious examination of corporate corruption--with carnage that feels cathartic...shape-shifters have definite horror appeal...guaranteed to amuse horror aficionados.'---?Diabolique Magazine'Apex Predator, with its classic occult-like mainstay and a vivid representation of a dystopian world, certainly makes for a fun read...will rightfully keep you up all night...Awarded five out of five stars.'--- Serious Reading'It takes mere paragraphs to become addicted to author's unique style and infectious story telling prowess...pace is swift... rare commodity for one to stumble across... mesmerizing conclusion... vivid description... pulse pounding action... borderline poetic and the crystal clear imagery inspires the suspense fanatic in each of us... eloquent grisly, gory and gruesome prose. Douglas evokes an unsettling level of skin crawling hysteria for even the most cynical of cannot help but squirm with unease and maybe double and triple check that the locks have been secured for the night. Rest assured Apex Predator is not your Uncle Ned's Werewolf story. It's invigorating, innovative and refreshing to see an age old premise composed with a brand new edge...will jump at the chance to embark upon another S.M. Douglas odyssey.'??--- Read more