Book Description

Feel any pity for a banker…even one innocently falling prey to his worst nightmare? Family man and regular banker, Paul Somers generally takes life as he finds it, until one day his world changes forever at the hands of notorious gangsters Jack and Guido Cinelli. Opportunists at heart, the Cinellis threaten their newfound victim into doing something he will forever regret. However, when their sinister plan is unexpectedly thrown into disarray, the Cinellis issue him with a chilling ultimatum demanding his ‘support’ for Plan B. With marriage and career on the line, the wilting banker is dragged deeper into Dublin’s murky underworld to a place that is far beyond the reach of the law. Suffocated by stark choices haunting his every waking hour, his weaknesses are exposed in ways he never thought possible. However, he’s not the only one feeling the pressure - the sibling gangsters’ love-hate relationship plays into the hands of a ruthless boss, hell-bent on punishing them for a priceless drugs bust. With time running out and innocent lives at stake, Plan B has got to succeed. The dramatic finale is a fitting redemption of good over evil. Readers will be left divided between sympathy and scorn for Paul Somers, but none would ever wish to take his place. This story will draw you into the mind of one sorry banker, wrestling 24/7 with moral dilemma that drives him past the point of no return. Bankruptured delivers blackmail, kidnapping and murder in a fast-paced novel sprinkled with black humor and unique insights into the world of banking.