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From Kirkus Reviews ?A solid action novel that moves at a frantic pace? But it also reveals itself as a taut legal thriller? The author is unquestionably knowledgeable, as the aerial sequences are sensationally detailed (with jargon made understandable to non-pilots), and courtroom scenes are filled with intelligent legalese? Even something as minor as a ruling on a motion is surprisingly engaging? A fast paced aviation thriller that sometimes reaches great heights.? Read more Review From ForeWord Clarion Reviews five stars out of five?Like a riveting action movie, The Brutus Conspiracy generates edge-of-the-seat suspense while its characters navigate the no-so-friendly skies in an intense and intelligent effort to solve a pair of mysterious plane crashes ? Courtroom dramas, precarious romances, wild-goose chases, and a heart-stopping showdown at gunpoint keep the pages turning as Becky and her growing gang of unlikely allies forge ahead in search of the truth. The Brutus Conspiracy will surprise readers with its deft combination of fast-paced action, sympathetic characters, and an endlessly intriguing plot.? Read more See all Editorial Reviews