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From Booklist In this high-adrenaline thriller, a London tube train is taken over by religious zealots who want to die and take everyone with them. Tommy and his sister have big plans to kill everyone on board the train by flooding the tunnel, thus creating the titular ?baptism.? Ed, the lead negotiator, possesses a unique skill set: he is blind but has the ability to detect deep levels of meaning in the timbre of voice, and what he hears when he talks to Tommy is truly frightening. Even without nuance, the facts are bad enough: Tommy is killing anyone who enters the tunnel, and, with the body count soaring, MI5 has pulled back. Ed is convinced that Tommy?s religious beliefs are stronger than anything a negotiator could offer, so he?s forced to look for another solution. With lots of violence, steadily building tension, and an exciting finale, this one will find eager readers among James Patterson?s fans. --Stacy Alesi Read more Review 'Baptism is a top class thriller... This book takes a well-established idea--think The Taking of Pelham 123 --and adds some highly original twists... [a] fast-paced and exciting thriller.'?San Francisco Book Review'A greased-lightning thriller that will doubtless make a perfect summer movie--preferably one to sit through on the hottest day of the year.'?Kirkus Reviews'A tense blockbuster with worryingly credible characters.'?Peter Millar, The Times'An exciting page turner.'?Bestseller's World'With lots of violence, steadily building tension, and an exciting finale, this one will find eager readers among James Patterson's fans.'?Booklist'Kinnings's thriller propels readers into the murk of London's Underground... Kinnings offers keen insights into the psychological ramifications of desperate hostage situations as he ratchets up the tension to near-unbearable levels.'?Publishers Weekly (starred)'Nerve-racking, impeccably researched... ratchets up the suspense to an almost unbearable level'?Mystery People Magazine'This a tense, power packed novel... a fun read, full of mystery, complex plotting and intrigue. That Kinnings makes the whole thing work in such a tight space speaks to his skilled writing and, no doubt, some fine editing. Definitely recommended. Had me always wanting to read more and that's very rare these days.'?Gumshoe Review'This thriller has more twists than a bagful of snakes--and as much bite... A must read.'?Peterborough Telegraph'Baptism is an exhilarating action-packed thriller'?Harriet Kalusner, Midwest Book Review Read more See all Editorial Reviews