Book Description

In August 2006, we are launching a new, streamlined version of MyEconLab to better fit the needs of both students and professors. Order the ISBN above if your course begins before 8/1/06, or click hereif your course begins after 8/1/06. Like a lens that brings the indistinct into focus, Parkin's Economics introduces students to the art of seeing the invisible, teaching them to interpret the story told by the economic indicators, uncover meaning hidden in the headlines, and gain a clear vision through economic analysis. An inspired teacher and crystal-clear writer, Michael Parkin has long been dedicated to helping students discover and apply the timeless principles of economics. Parkin invites students to: / See and understand the issues of our time in the brightest light, with the most compelling examples and clearest explanation. / Visualize economic principles in action using a widely acclaimed approach to graphical analysis. / Gain perspective on current economic events and today's principal economic thinkers through a series of carefully crafted features.