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Review 'Since its founding, the Federal Reserve's oracles have cultivated and kept alive the myth that the world's most prominent central bank is a purveyor of domestic and international stability. Brendan Brown, a premi?re market economist, draws on his deep knowledge of economics, history and markets to expose the Fed as a great destabilizing force. Brown shines a bright light on all the nonsensical ideas and arguments that have been peddled by Fed myth makers both past and present. He scrutinizes and explodes ideas embraced by contemporary currency warriors, including the so-called global imbalance and savings glut problems, and, yes, inflation targeting. Once Brown disrobes the oracles, he then takes monetarism to a new level and unfurls a blueprint for monetary stability.' - Steve H. Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics, The Johns Hopkins University, USA Read more About the Author BRENDAN BROWN is a widely followed market economist practising in London, UK. He has authored many books on international financial topics, including monetary problems in the US, Europe and Japan, and asset market pricing (including exchange rates) in a global context. The books cover both contemporary trends and historical topics. He was awarded a PhD by the London School of Economics and an MBA by the University of Chicago. Dr. Brown is Head of Economic Research and Executive Director at one of the largest Japanese financial institutions. He seeks to apply the teachings of Austrian School economics, distilled with the best of the Chicago tradition, to solving the practical problems of global investment strategy in a world of monetary turmoil. Dr. Brown contributes regularly to Japanese and European financial media. Read more