Book Description

Review 'The authors of this book offer a wonderful provocation for early childhood professionals. Reading it, I found myself encountering new and irresistible ideas?ones that led me to my own playful tangents. The places the authors describe that are ?beyond quality? open exciting and challenging possibilities for the field of ECE.' (Elizabeth Jones, Faculty Emerita, Human Development, Pacific Oaks College, California). 'Beyond Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care is a book for reflection, dialogue, and exchange on the ideological, contextual, cultural and existential diversity of childhoods across the globe. It questions modernist Minority (Western) World perspectives and the approach to early childhood education and care to which they give rise.' (Bame Nsamenang, Head, University Cooperation Division, University of Bamenda, Cameroon; and Director, Human Development Resource Centre). 'This is a book that is strongly innovative and uncomfortable for those who would like to see the ideas of quality and assessment consolidated in our society and in contemporary western culture. It is a ?good book?. Good because it is the product of dialogue and because it offers itself not only for consent, but also for dissent and negotiation by its non-dogmatic tone. Readers will feel welcomed, listened to and respected in their opinions, even when those opinions are in opposition to the authors.? (Carlina Rinaldi, President, Reggio Children ? Centre Loris Malaguzzi Foundation, Italy) Read more About the Author Gunilla Dahlberg is Professor at the Institute of Education, Stockholm, Sweden. Peter Moss is Emeritus Professor of Early Childhood Provision at the Institute of Education, University of London, UK. Alan Pence is Professor at the School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, Canada. Read more