Book Description

Review Work-A-Day Week is such a fun and delightful book, it makes me wish I didn't already know the days of the week! (Mark Parisi, creator of the syndicated cartoon, Off the Mark)I think kids will love reading Work-A-Day Week. You make it possible for children to learn valuable lessons in many marvelous ways. Congratulations! I plan to introduce the book to my grandchildren. As you can see, I am delighted to endorse it. (Norman Bridwell, creator of the Clifford, the Big Red Dog series) Read more About the Author Robin Haag Farren is a graphic artist, illustrator, and professional musician and songwriter. Formerly a worldwide creative director, Robin has shifted focus from advertising to children and children's literature. Sheila Farren Billings is a high school art teacher, illustrator, and painter. She has 14 years of teaching experience. Read more