Book Description

From Booklist This straightforward program prepares prospective citizens to pass the?U.S. Citizenship and Immigration test. The 100 questions are divided into three groups: American Government (the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and government structure); American history (from the colonial era to modern day); and Integrated Civics (geography, symbols, and holidays). Filmed in attractive outdoor settings, host Connie clearly reads each question and?provides the answer, with captions listed in split screen. Viewers can choose an English or Spanish version and return to the main menu to change the language choice.?Of course, the actual?test is administered in English, but the Spanish-language option assists Spanish-speaking applicants with?questions, concepts, and answers. Like Success at Your INS Interview (2003), this is an excellent and practical resource for group and individual viewing. --Candace Smith Read more