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Review 'All those interested in North America?s environmental history will treasure this volume for its trenchant commentary, its judicious selection of recent scholarship, and its illuminating documents and images.' Karl Jacoby, Brown University 'A skillfully edited, lively collection that examines the interplay of culture, politics, and nature in the American past. An excellent choice for environmental history courses.' Mark Fiege, Colorado State University Read more Book Description This compilation of seminal essays introduces students to the most exciting scholarship and writing on the environmental history in the United States. With primary documents that illustrate the conditions, perception, and influences of environmental issues from the pre-Columbian era to the present, the book invites students to analyze not only the connections between people and nature, but popular ideas of the environment in American history. Subjects include the changing American landscape, virgin soil epidemics and biological invasions, the impact of colonialism and industrial development, conservation, and the environmental movement and the backlash against it. An editorial introduction and headnotes for each chapter add scholarly value to the readings and documents. Students and instructors of American environmental history will find this an ideal collection for their courses and research. Read more See all Editorial Reviews