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Review 'Brain candy for the critical horror fan...strikes a perfect balance between rigorous and readable.'- RUE MORGUE'Never less than enjoyable and impressive, well written and incisive look at genre theory. It is certain to make you look at some movies afresh.' - STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING'A fascinating and thought-provoking book, not only from a film history viewpoint, but as a work of social record too... intelligent, well written and insightful...highly recommended.'- STARBURST'This thoroughly detailed and enjoyably written book is an important addition to the continually expanding list of studies devoted to genre film theory.'- EXQUISITE TERROR'Towlson's terror trip through history yields plenty of fascinating examples..learn and enjoy.'-BOOKGASM'The research is thorough. The organization is brilliantly methodical. The writing is precise, almost surgical.? If you're a serious horror fan, you need to read this book.'- MOVIES MADE ME'Opens your eyes to films you thought you knew.'- POPMATTERS.COM'This highly entertaining collection of essays is informative and engaging.' - HORRORTALK.COM 'An ambitious work examining horror film from when the genre was officially born with?Universal Studios' monster pictures to present-day cult classics.'- DEAD RECKONINGS 'Precise, elegant, easy to read, and free of pretentious jargon.'- ZEITSCHRIFT FUR FANTASTIKFORSCHUNG?'Towlson's analysis of Reaganomics is spot-on'- SF CROW'S NEST'Brings insight and social analysis to films rare and familiar'- RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS'Evidences a good deal of serious research.'- VIDEO WATCHDOG Read more About the Author Jon Towlson is a London-based journalist and film critic. He has written for Starburst Magazine, Paracinema, Exquisite Terror, Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies, Shadowland Magazine, Bright Lights Film Journal and Digital Film-maker Magazine. Read more