Book Description

Review An excellent, wide-ranging collection of Athenian speeches illuminating central topics of political, social, and legal history, including male and female sexuality, the ancient economy, Greek law, and major episodes of civic strife. Both accurate and faithful to the orators? prose style, Wolpert and Kapparis? new translations come accompanied by informative introductions and notes, a glossary of legal terms, and a helpful bibliography. Highly recommended for courses in the history of classical Athens, ancient rhetoric, and Greek law. --Robert W. Wallace, Northwestern UniversityThis collection offers a broad range of law court speeches from ancient Athens, including both those speeches addressing what we might call 'criminal' matters--homicide, assault, and so on--and those dealing with political matters. The translations are excellent, and the annotation learned. --David Mirhady, Simon Fraser University'A very thoughtful selection of speeches. . . . The translations are clear and accurate. The introductory notes are wonderfully helpful?written to be accessible to students but with insights that will be appreciated by specialists.' --Josiah Ober, Stanford University Read more About the Author Andrew Wolpert and Konstantinos Kapparis are Associate Professors of Classics, University of Florida. Read more