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Review 'A virtuoso manipulator of the transgressive feminine erotic.... [Irina Ionesco] has a superlative eye, and some fabulous images result.' -- Chris Miller, EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY, No. 76 2005, p.76'This book is most extraordinary, stunning and captivating. I gave a most positive review' -- Tim Smith, Producer, MEGAPOLITAN, May 28, 2005'[The ]very fact of the emotional power of the work testifies to its artistic strength....This collection is utterly distinct.' -- Christopher Perring, Ph.D.,, May 19, 2005 Read more About the Author Irina Ionesco was born to Romanian parents in Paris, 1935. At the age of four she was separated from them and spent her formative years in the city of Constanza, Romania. Steeped in that city's fabulous riches and fascinating traditions, she returned to Paris first to dance, then to paint, and finally to find her true vocation as photographer of the bizarre and beautiful as they are evoked in women's erotic mysteries. Ionesco was elected 'Woman of the Year', Time Life Books, 1977, and has over 12 books and countless international exhibitions to her credit. Irina Ionesco currently lives and works in Paris. Read more