Book Description

About the Author Eliane Kurbegov is a native speaker of French who has taught French at the high school and college levels in Florida and Colorado. She has been involved with the College Board and AP testing in many capacities. For many years, Eliane worked as a consultant for the College Board, leading AP workshops, writing test items for the AP French exam, and authoring numerous publications for AP Central and the College Board. She participated for over 20 years with AP readings as a table and question leader and was on the committee to redesign the AP French Language and Culture exam. She has also recently served as lead trainer for the College Board Consultants in training teachers in the new AP French exam while also developing College Board workshop materials and workbooks.Ed Weiss has taught French for the past 35 years at Haverford High School and serves as chair of world languages at Haverford Township School District in suburban Philadelphia. He has worked for the College Board for the past 17 years and has served as AP reader, table leader, and exam leader for the newly designed French Language and Culture course and exam. Ed is a national consultant for the College Board in the areas of French and World Languages and has led French Advanced Placement Summer Institutes around the country. He is a three-time recipient of National Endowment for the Humanities summer institute grants and has been a presenter for ACTFL, AATF, and at the French AP reading. Read more