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Review 'An extraordinary photo-history of German Army uniforms, regalia and equipment' ---Military Book Club (USA)Many previously unseen photographs of German uniforms during the war period, with a lot of detail of unusual combinations of uniform and how they were worn. This develops into a pictorial review of the Volksarmee and Bundesheer after the war but would not satiate earnest students of the post '45 period.. --By OllerbarrowI purchased this book for the photographs in general and those of the Bundesheer in particular. All the photos were good, many I had not seen before. The Reichswehr, NVA, Bundesheer and the field grey uniforms of the German Navy (1921-1945) were the areas I found most interesting. That said what I continue to search for is a comprehensive study of Bundeswehr uniforms from the beginning to the present day. In regard to Wehrmacht uniforms you can locate detailed information from helmet chinstraps to shoelaces. But I have located very little over the years on Bundsewehr uniforms. It is an area of great promise for someone desiring to shed light on this subject of modern military history, a volume waiting to be written. By contrast, a great deal has appeared on the uniforms of the armed forces of the former DDR, particularly since German reunification The one criticism of this book is that more text should have been included discussing the development of the various uniforms through the different periods covered. Text could have been included at the beginning of each chapter to illuminate the developments and changes occurring during the period discussed in each particular chapter. Overall I have found this book interesting and helpful, especially chapter 4 which covered the Bundesheer from 1955 to 2005. --By K. P. Burke Read more About the Author ALEJANDRO M. DE QUESADA is the author of The Men of Fort Foster, Eickhorn Export Edged Weapons, and Distant Thunder. A Fellow of The Company of Military Historians, he serves as Historian for the 7th Coast Guard Auxiliary District. He lives in Tampa, Florida. Read more