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10 Easy-to-Follow Audio Cassettes: • 8 Conversational Tapes • 2 Vocabulary Tapes Become a Beginner to an Advanced-Intermediate Speaker FAST! Do You Really Want to Speak the French Language? • The fastest, most intuitive way to learn French • Learn the same way you learned your native language! • Suitable for all ages, child through adult • Takes you from a beginner to an intermediate speaker, step-by-step • Ideal for business, travel, school, and home In Europe, it's no secret that the vast majority of people are either bilingual or trilingual. The Euro Method™ is the easy and simple way many Europeans use to learn to speak a second language. Based on the same tried and proven techniques that allow a four-year old to speak a language long before that same child can read or write, the Instant Immersion French Audio Collection™ is guaranteed to be the best method for learning to SPEAK French quickly. For years, linguists have known that an immersion environment is the absolute fastest way to learn a second language–the concept is based on being surrounded by native speakers in a new culture. Our Instant Immersion™ method simulates these aspects with lessons that truly immerse the listener into the language. This 10 cassette audio collection applies a conversational approach that replicates real-life situations. It also contains the most frequently used words and phrases for the language along with the lessons, and two separate vocabulary-only tapes with an extensive list of words for maximum communication. With these 10 tapes, you will be able to start speaking French, instantly! Conversational Tapes The 8 Conversational Tapes get you started speaking French immediately! The conversational format replicates real-life situations you might find yourself in, from traveling and conducting business, to establishing relationships, dining, and navigating around a French-speaking country with ease. Simply put, these tapes instantly immerse you into the language with applicable words and sentences that mirror everyday situations. Furthermore, the conversations are specially produced with a learning system designed for faster comprehension and permanent retention by allowing you to listen to different conversations in French followed by the English translations. Then, listen and repeat the individual words and phrases that construct the sentences in French which are once again followed with English translations. By adhering to this proven learning method that forces you to listen and speak, you not only memorize individual words faster, but you also learn how to say useful phrases and entire sentences for meaningful conversations with other French speakers. Vocabulary Tapes The 2 Vocabulary Tapes contain 2000 words that were picked after an extensive computer-generated study that analyzed the most frequently spoken French words. In short, these two tapes have all the words you need to clearly express yourself in French As an added feature, the words are listed in alphabetic order for easier use. The vocabulary can be easily inserted into the sentences and phrases you learn from the conversational tapes, providing you with a broader usage and knowledge of the language. Why isn't there a companion book? At TOPICS Entertainment/CounterTop Software, we are confident that the best way to become a fluent French speaker is to listen to our cassettes, and simply put, learn to speak the language by following the tapes that focus on conversing! Why Cassettes, and not CDs? Most consumers still prefer cassettes over CDs in spoken-word audio products for 3 important reasons: 1. Cassettes hold almost 30% more playing time than a CD 2. Cassettes automatically bookmark and allow you to start where you left off 3. Rewinding allows you to quickly review what you just listened to