Book Description

Review From the reviews of the second edition:'This book on pain management is part of the Current Clinical Practice Series of high quality, evidence-based books for primary care physicians. ? This is an extremely helpful and practical book. ? Although written by an anesthesiologist, the book covers the broad subject of chronic pain very well ? to give primary care physicians a very workable reference. ? This is a tremendous addition to a primary care practitioner?s library and well worth the price.' (Vincent F Carr, Doody?s Review Service, March, 2009)'The practical and clinical nature of this text will be of ? interest to those with highly specialized knowledge of or interest in pain syndromes. This is a single-author book intended to serve as a practical, easy-to-understand guide for the primary care provider who routinely manages patients with chronic pain syndromes. It is ? written as a clinical guide with a patient care and education focus. ? The text is ? appropriately focused for the primary care audience. The material is well referenced and contemporary.' (Curtis E Haas, The Annals of Pharmacotherapy, Vol. 43, October, 2009)?Chronic Pain could be valuable to family practitioners who treat children, adolescents, and pregnant women with chronic pain. ? Overall, Chronic Pain: A Primary Care Guide to Practical Management accomplishes its stated goals effectively. It would be valuable to primary care clinicians who treat patients with headache, low back pain, arthritis, and other painful conditions. It would be particularly beneficial to those clinicians with concerns about prescribing controlled substances.? (Devi E. Nampiaparampil, Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 303 (2), January, 2010) Read more From the Back Cover Patients with chronic pain present a unique set of challenges to the primary care clinician. In Chronic Pain: A Primary Care Guide to Practical Management, Second Edition, leading pain specialist Dawn A. Marcus, MD, again offers practical, clear, and succinct evidence-based approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of the myriad painful conditions clinicians see in their offices every day, such as headache, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and abdominal pain. Sections addressing pain management in children, pregnant women, and seniors are also included. This new edition is designed to provide a pragmatic approach to assessing and treating the complex issues and characteristics of chronic pain patients. New chapters expand upon the evidence-based recommendations and practical office tools previously provided, with the addition of new chapters addressing risk management; pain syndromes in the shoulder, upper extremity, and lower extremity; and cancer and end-of-life pain. Chronic Pain: A Primary Care Guide to Practical Management, Second Edition provides strategies and techniques that are designed to improve the confidence with which the primary care physician can approach patients with complex pain complaints, reduce staff stress, and improve patient success. Read more