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Review Comprehensive, clear coverage of the complex topic of bilingualism and stuttering. Approaching this topic from a language perspective, all things are considered from genetic, cortical, and environment to cultural, clinical, even animistic factors! A must-have reference for clinicians and researchers alike!! (Edward Gage Conture, Vanderbilt University)This book provides useful information about the infrequently discussed issue of bilingualism as it relates to the possible onset of stuttering. With the dramatically changing demographics in the United States, this collection of papers provides both the researcher and clinician with current views for understanding both basic and clinical implications for the various forms of bilingualism and fluency characteristics. (Walt Manning, Ph.D., Professor & Associate Dean, School of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, The University of Memphis) Read more About the Author Peter Howell is an experimental psychologist and co-director of the Centre for Human Communications at University College London. His research interests are in speech production and perception and hearing.John Van Borsel is a neurolinguist teaching at the Ghent University (Belgium) and at the Veiga Almeida University in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Fluency disorders are one of his main research domains. Read more