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Review '... is unique among the related publications. It is a wonderful guide to successful experimentation in the field of RNA research.' Engineering in Life Sciences '...a true handbook that should not be missed in any laboratory engaged in RNA research. The text is concisely written, full of good ideas and the 'troubleshooting' chapters will help to find ways out of deadlocks. I congratulate the authors to this handbook and recommend it to all RNA enthusiasts.' Angewandte Chemie - IE 'The book is helpful for molecular biologists, biochemists and biotechnologists and of interest to every researcher experimenting with RNA.' NewDrugs '... these two volumes provide an in-depth introduction to methods for RNA analysis at all levels ...' Biomedical Chromatography Read more From the Back Cover This all-in-one compendium of current laboratory techniques for the study of RNA brings together numerous novel methods that were hitherto only available through the primary literature. The editors - themselves experienced RNA researchers - have gathered expert authors from the US and Europe for the ultimate in everyday working knowledge. In more than 300 detailed protocols, all the techniques covered are treated with the user in mind, including practical advice and an invaluable 'troubleshooting' section. The broad scope of the book allows the side-by-side treatment of specialized methods with basic biochemical techniques for the isolation, characterization and functional analysis of RNA. All pertinent laboratory methods are presented in detail, including * RNA synthesis, modification and ligation * Sequence and structure determination of RNA * Isolation and purification of ribonucleoproteins * RNA crystallization * Single molecule studies on RNA * RNA imaging in vivo * RNA bioinformatics * Modeling and prediction of RNA structure * RNA microarrays * Aptamer libraries and SELEX technology * RNA interference A guide to successful experimentation for molecular biologists, biochemists and biotechnologists and for every researcher experimenting with RNA. Read more See all Editorial Reviews