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Review ?If Indiana Jones were an economist, he?d be Steven Levitt? Criticizing Freakonomics would be like criticizing a hot fudge sundae.? (Wall Street Journal)?Provocative? eye-popping.? (New York Times Book Review: Inside the List)?The guy is interesting!? (Washington Post Book World)?The funkiest study of statistical mechanics ever by a world-renowned economist... Eye-opening and sometimes eye-popping? (Entertainment Weekly)?Steven Levitt has the most interesting mind in America... Prepare to be dazzled.? (Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping Point)?Principles of economics are used to examine daily life in this fun read.? (People: Great Reads)?Levitt dissects complex real-world phenomena, e.g. baby-naming patterns and Sumo wrestling, with an economist?s laser.? (San Diego Union-Tribune)?Levitt is a number cruncher extraordinaire.? (Philadelphia Daily News)?Levitt is one of the most notorious economists of our age.? (Financial Times)?Hard to resist.? (Publishers Weekly (starred review))?Freakonomics is politically incorrect in the best, most essential way.... This is bracing fun of the highest order.? (Kurt Andersen, host of public radio's Studio 360 and author of Turn of the Century)?Freakonomics was the ?It? book of 2005.? (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)?An eye-opening, and most interesting, approach to the world.? (Kirkus Reviews)?An unconventional economist defies conventional wisdom.? (Associated Press)?A showcase for Levitt?s intriguing explorations into a number of disparate topics?. There?s plenty of fun to be had.? ( of the decade?s most intelligent and provocative books.? (The Daily Standard)?Freakonomics challenges conventional wisdom and makes for fun reading.? (Book Sense Picks and Notables)?The trivia alone is worth the cover price.? (New York Times Book Review)?An easy, funny read. Many unsolvable problems the Americans have could be solved with simple means.? (Business World)?Economics is not widely considered to be one of the sexier sciences.... Steven D. Levitt will change some minds.? ( Read more About the Author Steven D. Levitt, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, was awarded the John Bates Clark Medal, given to the most influential American economist under forty. He is also a founder of The Greatest Good, which applies Freakonomics-style thinking to business and philanthropy.Stephen J. Dubner is an award-winning author, journalist, and radio and TV personality. He quit his first career?as an almost rock star?to become a writer. He has since taught English at Columbia, worked for The New York Times, and published three non-Freakonomics books. Read more