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Review ?Catnip for the garden geek. But this fascinating, authoritative volume may seduce even the most casual browser into rolling around in Malpighian hairs, mamillated forms, petioloid tendencies, and xeric habitats.? (Dominique Browning The New York Times 2010-05-27)?The Kew Plant Glossary contains more than 4,100 botanical terms used to describe plants. If you've ever found yourself struggling to decipher the terms in a plant description, or would just like a simple explanation of the difference between spines and thorns, this little book will surely come in handy. Students and professionals in the plant sciences will find it equally useful.? (Caroline Bentley American Gardener 2010-09-01)?A vital tool for students and professionals in the field of botany.? (Marilyn K. Alaimo Chicago Botanic Garden 2011-01-01)?This slim new volume provides another useful dictionary for plant biologists. It has an attractive layout and the price is a bargain. . . . The book also would make an excellent gift to students who recently have declared a major in plant biology or are soon to be handed their diplomas.? (Systematic Botany 2011-03-08) Read more About the Author Henk J. Beentje is a botanist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew with considerable field experience in Africa and Madagascar. Read more