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From the Back Cover Innovative and reflective, Counseling and Spirituality helps readers integrate spiritual and clinical perspectives of counseling in order to successfully support clients? religious or spiritual journeys by utilizing appropriate knowledge and interventions.? With cultural concerns such as religion and spirituality growing in importance and interest in the helping professions, this book serves to define varieties of spiritual beliefs, assess spiritual wellness, and apply theory- and practice-based approaches to individualized spiritual counseling situations.? Author Joshua Gold helps readers contemplate how they see religion and spirituality in their own lives and appraise how their own spirituality sways who they are as clinicians and what they do in the provision of mental health services for their clients. ? What reviewers have to say about Counseling and Spirituality ? ?This text is an impressive effort at integrating a complex and largely ignored subject? It strongly encourages the counseling field to take up the challenge of accepting what the majority of clients find important, spirituality and religion, and growing in our understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of its place in the counseling process.? --Randall R. Lyle, St. Mary?s University ? ?The use of case examples, self-understanding exercises, and further learning allows the reader to engage in the text in a meaningful manner? More specifically, the case-study is not merely presented, but revisited at the end of the chapters allowing the reader to ponder the example while learning new information, and ultimately gain a potentially new perspective as she or he learns the outcome.? --Guerda Nicolas, Boston College Read more About the Author Joshua M. Gold is a faculty member in the Counselor Education Program at the University of South Carolina. He has created and taught a graduate course entitled Counseling & Spirituality and presented on aspects of this work at both the Southern ACES and ACA. Read more