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Review The critical analysis in this volume is astute, accessible, and valuable. Recommended.?CHOICEIn this important new book, Drs. Jacobson, Foxx, and Mulick have provided a valuable resource for parents and professionals seeking to understand what constitutes effective intervention for various developmental disabilities, including autism. Chapter selections are characterized by consistently high standards of research and scholarship--yet, unlike many other academic treatises, most of the contributions here are written in a clear, accessible style. This collection offers both the professional and the lay reader a wealth of information about current fads and controversies in developmental disabilities. More importantly, the work offers insights into the genesis of such fads, and an intensive education in how to make science-based treatment decisions in the face of competing claims.?Catherine Maurice, Ph.D.Author, Let Me Hear Your Voice, a Family's Triumph over Autism (1993 Knopf) Read more