Book Description

About the Author Nada Yorke, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, author, researcher and court-certified as an expert on the dynamics of domestic violence. She founded Yorke Consulting and Correctional Counseling for Change ( since retiring after 25-years as a probation officer supervisor where she developed specialized caseloads for gang members, high-risk substance abusers and worked with victims of violent crime. In 2007 Nada implemented a certified batterer intervention program (BIP) in a California maximum security prison, and her research results were published in the October 2010 edition of The Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. Her most recent BIP?s have been in the County jail and in a faith-based community program. Both have seen exceptional retention and significant violence reduction by graduates. She has since trained over 100 people to become batterer intervention facilitators in the State of California, and provides consultation and training throughout California to programs seeking and certification of their batterer intervention programs. A sought after trainer and speaker, Nada has spoken to national and international audiences of therapists, forensic counselors and law enforcement personnel about the issues concerning domestic violence and the value of working with perpetrators to stop the intergenerational cycle of domestic violence. Read more