Book Description

About the Author As a child, Oliva had a passion for painting and writing about anything that came to mind. As she matured, her writings were focused on anecdotes, essays and poems. Later on she began writing books, some in the works and others already published in digital and paperback formats. Her new writing interests, some with bits of humor and drama, include a full color children?s book. The other publications consist of a novel; a variety of poems; a crime mystery, plus miscellaneous short stories and one drawings? book under revision. From covers to interior pages, Oliva illustrates her books with existing or new paintings. Oliva?s art endeavors started with drawing the human figure in black and white after taking drawing courses in MDCC. Gradually, she delved in pastel and oil portraits, followed by oil renditions of landscapes and animals. When it became necessary to divert her full attention to a successful career path in banking, she had to put aside all her artistic dreams. Down the road, after selective antiques collecting and planning, she opened and operated an antiques and collectibles store for a few years ? appropriately named Antiques Are Forever, the corporation now inactive. Dealing extensively with antiques and art brought her back to painting. Oliva?s new emphasis was to study the masters? techniques by visiting art shows and museums or from already acquired antique oil paintings. Her creativity resulted in a new artistic vision: adding abstracts and modernism to her realistic painting style. Read more