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Review 'It's filled with humor and heartache, but it also explains medical procedures in easy-to-understand terms.' - Austin American Statesman'Where Have All The Storks Gone takes care to explain fertility lingo in a straightforward manner and helpfully includes an appendix to explain all medical terms. With one of their chapters aptly named 'There Is No 'I' In Team,' this book is a comforting aid on anyone's fertility journey.'?- Fertility Road Magazine'I really enjoyed they shared a bit of their story from before infertility because it made me feel like I got to know them - not just their infertility experience. I also loved how they mixed humor and education together.' Read more From the Author After facing nearly every struggle and setback on the journey through fertility treatments, we gathered our reflections and anecdotes together into a he said/she said story. It is our intent to give hopeful couples in any stage of treatment, and their well-meaning family members and friends, an informative and insightful picture of infertility. Read more See all Editorial Reviews