Book Description

How does infertility change a relationship?'Some of the most beautiful and powerful writing I have discovered on infertility.''It's as if you've found finally a friend who understands exactly how you feel. Thank you so much!'One couple. One decade. One hundred and twenty chances to have a family.With all the twists and turns of a novel, and a cast of characters to match, The Ten-Year Club is a powerful tale of infertility as you will never hear it from a fertility clinic.This raw and wry account follows Louise and Chris through the most pivotal decade of their lives as they struggle not to become involuntarily childless. A compelling story unfolds as Louise conveys the dirt that infertility digs up, the insidious changes it brings and, ultimately, the secrets and lies it exposes.By turns heart-breaking, dark, feisty and funny, this is an intimate portrait of a relationship blindsided by infertility. After 120 cycles of hope, despair, yearning and regret, what does it leave in its wake? And throughout lingers one more crucial question: can their relationship survive it?The Ten-Year Club will strike a chord with anyone who knows infertility. More than that, it is the book you will want to hand to fertile friends and say: 'This! This is what it feels like.'Here is what happens when a couple joins the club that no one wants to join... 'I loved its earthy honesty. Many issues are covered here, including adoption, performance anxiety at ovulation, the isolation and mental health impact of infertility, fears for the future, loss of faith, laying blame, regrets about life choices and the quality - or not - of treatment by doctors and fertility clinics. Always at the heart of the book remains a relationship knocked off its feet by infertility.'