Book Description

About the Author From the first time I watched an image of the womb and Fallopian tubes emerge magically from the tip of a 3b pencil wielded by my father, I was entranced by the beauty and elegance of baby making. It was mid-sixties Ireland; I was seven and had asked that timeless question ?Where do babies come from, Daddy?? As a veterinary surgeon and a gifted artist he replied with beautiful drawings to illustrate the evocative tale of sperm meets egg, which was fully factual, Latin names and all. We got as far as implantation, broke for dinner, and returned to the part of sperm shoals swimming together, the actuality of how they got there was not mentioned, ?placed? was how it was described! I had rather expected that this omission would be remedied at secondary school, however sex education did not open any ?Kama Sutra? to complement my detailed knowledge of the feminine apparatus ? it seemed to tell me that sex was disease bearing and childbirth an agony. I shared my knowledge of feminine cycles with amazed friends in boarding school although my drawings were very basic. I was always surprised how little they knew of their body function. Horrified by this desolate sexscape I determined to find out all I could about the important mission of sex, pregnancy and babies. The eccentricities and hydraulics of the ?male apparatus? proved equally fascinating. Discovering the emotional quotient of the fertility equation, it?s effect on achieving and maintaining pregnancy opened up a whole new world for me. I qualified as a Registered General Nurse in Dublin and as a Registered Midwife (UK) in Plymouth. I am a qualified Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, Fertility & IVF Specialist, (hypnofertility), and provide paediatric hypnotherapy, EMDR and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy. I hold certificates in Clinical Pharmacology and Fertility Reflextherapy and have 30 years of specialised clinical experience in helping people who are trying to conceive. Read more