Book Description

All Marcy Hanson ever wanted to be was a mom. The youngest of five in a boisterous, close knit family, she never anticipated that having children would be a problem. But when she settled down with her high school sweetheart and they decided to start trying to build their own family, what was supposed to be the simplest thing in the world became a battle of doctors, prayers, and crushed dreams. In No Maybe Baby Marcy shares her journey of infertility through raw honesty and hopeful humor. Starting with the first inclinations of a problem, then progressing through the a-typical adoption of three children, and ultimately ending with the painful decision to stop all further physical possibility of pregnancy, she recounts her journey through this taboo topic. Written as both a glimmer of hope for those struggling with infertility and a what-not-to-do guide for others, No Maybe Baby is the open story of hope, faith, and a girl who just wanted to be a mom.