Book Description

You’ve seen it happen, you’ve had it happen to you and you know it’s going to happen tomorrow. Bullying happens everywhere all the time. But it doesn’t have to keep happening to you or people you care about. This book is meant to help you recognize what bullying is, deal with it and overcome it with a novel, time-tested approach that will transform the way you act, empowering you and your loved ones. It’s written in a fun, personable, easy to read format that’s also very different from existing anti-bullying books, offering you a proactive, compelling perspective and approach that both you and your kids can embrace and adopt quickly.How This Book Is Different From Other Bullying BooksIn this essential, compassionate, humorous and practical guide, author James Gavsie explains his original approach to handling bullying that is not like the run of the mill counseling and communication methods used in schools today that most often fail to have any tangible results. His approach is based on verified experience, training students at his private academy for martial arts in Los Angeles and achieving desired results with long-lasting positive effects.In this guide, you’ll learn:the Bigger Shark Theory or Third Party Interventionbuilding your support teamthe different kinds of bullyinghow to identify a bullywhat to do when the teacher is a bullyhow to evaluate a school’s policy on anti-bullyinghow to create support among parents, teachers, bystanders and in the communityachieving tangible resultswhat unintentional bullying looks like from passive bullies to backtalk, silent treatment and insinuating remarksfrom real-life examplesleadership traininghow to model desired behaviorhow to develop defense skillshow to stand up for yourselfthe difference between a good kid and nice kidhow to build your child’s confidencehow to handle school bus bullyinghow to deal with cyber bullyingWhile this book is intended as a guide for parents and kids to help cope with and then overcome bullying from preschool to high school, it can be applied to any setting (work, college, family or other) because bullies are everywhere. The Renegade’s Guide provides you with best practices for prevention and response that will help you stand up for yourself and/or loved ones, deal with bullies, empower yourself and loved ones and completely change your perspective on bullying.