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Review 'This book could be a game changer for families with girls and our society in general. Swimming Upstream analyzes the toxic obstacles for growing healthy and resilient girls with a depth of understanding and clarity. More importantly, Choate charts a realistic and helpful course for girls to negotiate these waters and thrive. Everyone who knows, works with, or loves a growing girl needs to read this book.' -- JoAnn Deak, PhD, author of How Girls Thrive, Girls Will be Girls, Your Fantastic Elastic Brain, and the Owner's Manual for Driving Your Adolescent Brain'In this book, Dr. Choate details the rocky road of culture and pressure facing parents of girls. She provides an encouraging guidebook to help parents maneuver through those risky roads of girlhood. Through scripts and activities, Dr. Choate builds skills of parents to combat the pervasive and powerful nature of our current culture for the purpose of promoting resiliency in our young women. This is a must-read for parents of young girls and emerging women.' -- Dee C. Ray, PhD, Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of North Texas'Taught to be thin, beautiful, hot, and sexy, girls are caught between dueling messages to act like a diva but still be kind and nice. Swimming Upstream is a must-read for every parent, every pediatric provider, and every teacher helping girls navigate today's toxic culture that equates self-worth with appearance, attention, and accomplishments.' -- Margo Maine, PhD, FAED, CEDS, Eating Disorders Specialist, Author, and Activist Read more About the Author Laura Hensley Choate, EdD, LPC, is Professor of Counselor Education, Louisiana State University. Choate was awarded the 2013 Best Practices Award by the American Counseling Association and is a former editor of the Journal of College Counseling. Read more