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Review 'The chapters are presented in an extremely thorough manner.?? In the chapters that I reviewed, I was impressed with the amount of research on diversity and culture issues. As our country continues to increase in minority populations, it is extremely important that our students? learn more about multicultural perspectives.'? -- Dawn Lewis, Prince George's Community College ? 'Overall I find the writing style crisp and accessible.? The level is appropriate?neither too condescending nor too pompous.? Students should find it clear and declarative.'? -- Jerome B. Dusek, Syracuse University ? ' I was very impressed with the writing style. I found it easy to stay engaged (even with material I am familiar with) and think students will have the same response. The author does an excellent job of systematically providing examples and thoroughly explaining them. This book has a better writing style and an organization that will spread out the workload across the semester for students. It also contains a research methods chapter which my current book is lacking. I am thrilled to have another empirically sound book to choose from.'?? ?-- Erin Kraan, Miami University ? 'I was impressed with the ecological systems orientation. I have not reviewed a text that incorporates the 'Spotlight' focus (the pedagogical features) in the manner of this text. I am positive that my students will appreciate this novel approach.' -- Richard Cavasina, California University of Pennsylvania ? 'The strength of the material was the writing - did I already say that I was impressed? I liked the content of the chapters as well. [This] text is easier to read and understand and flows in a way that should help students understand adolescence better.' -- David?Saarnio, Arkansas State University ? 'This text appears very promising and the time is ripe for such a new book to be written. I would definitely consider this book for adoption. I have been waiting for a book that improves upon Steinberg's text.' -- Judith Geary, University of Michigan, Dearborn ? 'The writing is accessible and presented at the right level for my students. I think there is a good balance between practical advice, theory and?research.' -- Dawn Gondoli, University of Notre Dame? Read more From the Back Cover McMahan, Adolescence, is supported by MyDevelopmentKit, your key to greater success in the adolescent development course. Within MyDevelopmentKit you will find: MyVirtualTeen* A complete book-specific study guide Practice quizzes Video and multimedia Chapter summaries Glossary flashcards Web links *Starting spring 2010, MyVirtualTeen will be included?within MyDevelopmentKit!?? My Virtual Teen is an interactive web-based simulation that allows you to raise a child from birth to age 18, with a specific focus on the teenage years, and monitor the effects of your parenting decisions over time. This engaging website lets you apply the key concepts that you are learning in your adolescent development class. And just like in real life, certain unplanned events will be presented to you. ? Click here for a brief walkthrough video: ? Read more See all Editorial Reviews