Book Description

From the Inside Flap Tired of wandering through the uncharted territory of guys and dating? Are you in need of the ultimate roadmap to this foreign landscape? Want to get pointed in the right direction by someone other than your mother or your trusty (but inexperienced) friend?????????When it comes to guys, relationship expert Julie Taylor has all the answers -- and she'll give 'em to you straight. Think of her as an older sister (a fun older sister) who will tell it like it is, one who knows that you aren't a little kid anymore, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. Julie will guide you through the highs and lows of a killer crush, help you conquer first-date jitters, advise you when it is time to promote him to official 'boyfriend' status, reveal the realities of a summer fling, and more. Plus, each chapter ends with a quiz to help you determine the answers to a variety of questions essential for any girl with a one-way ticket to Guyville, such as:Who's your dream date?Is he second date material?Are you ready to commit?Is it time to give him the boot?????????And if the stud turns out to be a dud, Julie preps you on when and how to dump him or how to survive when you're the one getting dumped. After all, they're just guys, and dating should be fun! So, read up....Next stop, Guyville! Read more About the Author JULIE TAYLOR writes about teen relationships for magazines such as Cosmo Girl, Jump, Teen, and YM. She is also author of Franco American Dreams, which is currently being made into a feature film. Julie lives in Hollywood, California.E-mail any questions about guys directly to Julie at Read more