Book Description

About the Author Dr. Gwen Smith is a highly intuitive, sought-after, international expert who specializes in empowering women to become powerful, self-confident leaders. As a mom of now six adult children (three of whom are biological), Dr. Gwen became a single mom shortly after her first marriage ended. Her greatest pride and accomplishment is successfully raising her children while building her dreams and career. She has touched thousands of lives around the world. A former educator, school and executive leader, college professor and head of department of education at the university level, Dr. Gwen has had the experience of coaching and leading many professionals as well as parents and their children. She is the recipient of many awards and accolades for her work, including the Dale Carnegie Highest Achievement Award. As a leading expert in transformational work, Dr. Gwen, a certified professional coach, an author and inspirational speaker empowering women?including single moms and married ?single? moms?helps women discover their top 5 passions, break through self-limiting beliefs and achieve break-through performance to become powerful self-confident leaders, while raising their children. Dr. Gwen's vision is that all women, especially single moms, experience limitless possibilities when it comes to achieving their dreams and addressing the needs of their families. She now empowers all women who desire to achieve more and be more, to do the same. Read more