Book Description

About the Author Ashley Bogard Parks, CFP? holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from Texas A&M University and a Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning from Southern Methodist University. She has been advising clients since 1999 in her hometown of Dallas, Texas where she resides with her family. Ashley is actively involved in her community and feels deeply that we are all products of our surroundings. We all have a personal root system that has been developing throughout our lives. Ashley?s career has offered her amazing insight into the personal lives of individuals that she comes in contact with on a daily basis. That insight, along with her own personal journey, spurred her to put her passion on paper. The stories and personal experiences over her career motivated her to write a book geared towards helping families gain not only personal well-being, but financial well-being. The Saving Seed is Ashley?s gift to others. Her philosophy on life is one of becoming self and becoming greater than our temporal world suggests. ?What can we do that will positively impact others and allow us to grow?? ?We must give to others and the world. It is not ours to own and we must leave a positive impression as we pass by on our journey.? Read more