Book Description

About the Author Gary Surdam is an educator, entrepreneur, businessman and visionary whose unique career experience has made him one of American?s top leaders in educational consulting. After 13 years of classroom teaching experience, and having dealt first-had with obstacles to learning and literacy, he realized that simply ?following the lesson plan? wasn?t enough to create a spirit of lifelong learning. Surdam developed a vision of empowering parents, teachers and school administrators to help children succeed in school and life. He called his vision ?The Bright Start Way?. Surdam appeared on the KTLA Channel 5 television show 'Making It.' The show, which profiles up-and-coming minority business people, praised Surdam's humanistic approach to business, citing this 'heart' for education as a significant part of Bright Start Educational Programs' success. Gary Surdam?s innovations have united business and education to make academic success a reality for students, teachers and administrators throughout the nation. He continues to share this vision, providing access to the heart of education and helping other people reach their potential in academics and in life. Read more